Cecile Devezeaux de Lavergne

Vital Sensations

Cecile Devezeaux de Lavergne is a French sculptor born in 1967 in Paris. She has experimented with photography, acting, stage decoration, ceramics, engraving ... It is the wood material that holds its full attention. The beauty and experience of wood guides her to put into sculptural language her sensory research, which consists in transcribing in a formal way her primary vital sensations.

At first, her career in direct carving consisted of learning how to use hand tools. For this, a full-time year at the prestigious Ecole Boulle de Paris was ideal. Cécile attended a degree in cabinetmaking in 2008. She claims her artisan cap that confirms her respect for the wood material, her love of tools and explains why she spends full time at the workshop.

Then, to complete her course, Cécile followed with the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of the City of Paris. This artistic approach to woodwork, complemented by numerous personal research, will teach her what Sculpture is.

In 2011, she left the school for London where she invested in a personal and intimate work that offers new perspectives to the sculptural language. Her artistic work attempts to translate human vital sensations into formal language. More than 60 sculptures on many types of wood evoke a feeling, a gesture, a state, a vital energy ....

"I try to recreate in plastic form my sensations in the cutting of wood by a free expression drawn from a spiritual experience. My tools penetrate the material into a meditative-active state that allows me to get the energy of vital sensations from deep within. The work is successful when I get in harmony with the texture of the piece of wood.» Cdl

The direct carving of wood is a major art with difficult technique. Cecile Devezeaux de Lavergne acquires the consideration of amateurs, wood technicians and the general public in love with nature. Her vision of unprecedented humanity is fully contemporary. She gives several levels of reading to her works by sublimating the beauty of the material by her technique of size while delivering her intimate message for the amateurs of art and the rest of the world. Her sculptures are a mirror for the viewer, supports for reflecting vital sensory needs.

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