Cecile Devezeaux de Lavergne

Wood sculptor

Cecile's artistic style is abstract or semi-figurative, featuring organic shapes. She has chosen wood because it is a sensual material full of vitality. Each wood trunk contains its own history and its own pattern of growth. The piece reveals itself during the carving process and the sculptor develops the natural beauty of the wood using shape and texture. She endeavours to reveal what is the essence encapsulated in the wood.

During the sculpting, a relationship grows between the material and the artist. Like an intimate game in turns, one after another, one player takes over, either with its fibres or the sculptor with her tools, aiming to achieve harmony within the appearing shapes. During this process, the sculpture shape and its meaning are developed in an almost spiritual relationship. Cecile takes her technical skills to the limit to bring out the inherent beauty of the wood

Cecile learned the wood work at the renowned cabinet making Boulle School in Paris. Thereafter, she studied and perfected the practice of artistic wood sculpture at the Fine Art School Beaux Art in Paris. Today she sculpts in a workshop within the association Art Mature in Paris.